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Montgomery Group’s Independent Hotel Show London & Amsterdam is one of Europe’s leading hospitality shows for luxury and boutique hotels. Our close professional relationship with this event continued this year as we were approached to conduct a bespoke cleanse and replenishment project of their visitor database. IH London also wanted to build on the current database by 25% with new research.

The Project

The first stage of this project focused on the email validation process to determine which contacts were still active. We ran our standard 2-stage validation procedure, which utilised email validation software, and a further live test of risky emails to ensure we could determine the validity to 96% accuracy.

We then delivered these results to Montgomery so they could begin prospecting the valid contacts whilst our research team began the process of database replenishment. Priority was replacing the invalid contacts with like-for-like leads at the same organisation with the same job title and seniority. These contacts were all delivered with a fully validated executive email address as standard.

As Montgomery were also aiming to build their database with fresh contacts, we engaged in a new data build focusing on the independent and boutique hotel market within the UK. The job titles requested were relative to Founders, CEO’s, Hotel Directors, Interior Designers, Buyers, Regional Directors, IT & Operations. We successfully produced this new build within 3 weeks of commission.

The Results

Our work allowed the IH London marketing team to effectively and efficiently maintain and build upon its marketing database ahead of the show in October 2022. Not only have the team got a more accurate understanding of the condition of their database, but they have been given fresh, quality contacts all verified and qualified for marketing in order to help the show grow its delegate numbers.