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Never lose valuable contact data again

Contact data spread across unorganised Excel or Google spreadsheets make search and retrieval impossible and prevent GDPR compliance. Coll8 is a secure, central database that provides a single view of all your contacts in one place, so nothing is ever overlooked again.

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Streamline your sales process

With your data kept all in one place rather than across different spreadsheets, you don’t lose valuable information and everyone in your organisation has access. 

Increase customer satisfaction

A single view of your data means you can run cost-effective campaigns targeted at the right customer segments, leading to improved customer experience and, in turn, increased customer loyalty.    

Secure your data 

A GDPR and CCPA compliant database makes your data more secure, especially if your data is currently spread across documents and organisational departments.

“I’ve worked with many database-building businesses, including an internal one, and the service provided by The Data Business far exceeded previous experience. Thank you for making this process so easy.”

Zoe Teagle

Portfolio Marketing Manager, Montgomery Group

Why Coll8? 

At The Data Business, we had noticed that many organisations, large and small, held their data in Excel or Google spreadsheets which were often spread across departments with no easy way of bringing these files together.

That’s why we created Coll8, a centralised database where organisations can store all their data in one, easy-to-manage location.

Choose a Coll8 plan that fits your budget and business goals.

Professional Plan


per user / per month

Up to 25,000 contact records

(£1 per 1,000 records)

Cancel anytime

Standard Plan


per user / per month

Up to 5,000 contact records

(£2 per 1,000 records)

Cancel anytime

Discovery Plan


Up to 500 contact records

Import & export your data

Filter & update records

Create & download reports