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Data Enrichment

Deliver personalised campaigns and better targeted marketing by enriching your data


Data is key in understanding your audience to drive more effective marketing. Data enrichment increases the quality and value of your raw data by adding a wealth of meaningful information to your prospects.

Through our bespoke enrichment services, we provide our clients with the resources to create more personalised and better targeted marketing campaigns by adding and appending this valuable information.

7 benefits of Data Enrichment

  • Expands your dataset with high-quality information.
  • Improves the accuracy and depth of your prospect and customer data.
  • Accurately categorised data allows for segmented, personalised marketing campaigns.
  • Provides you with the data to produce intelligence-led reports.
  • Allows your team to build better relationships with customers as they have complete data.
  • Having complete customer profiles improves your customers’ experience by better anticipating their needs.
  • Helps customer targeting by gap-filling data fields.

Why choose us?

  • Remove the manual effort without sacrificing control or quality
  • Completely bespoke project approach for each requirement
  • Ground-breaking AI software that improves efficiency and accuracy
  • Flexibility by not having to commit to monthly or annual subscriptions
  • Experienced data management team
  • Personalised client service with a dedicated account manager

The 5 steps of Data Enrichment


Data enrichment is the process of expanding existing data with new and supplemental information to improve its accuracy, reliability, and quality. This allows organisations to make better, more informed decisions.  

The goal of data enrichment is to make your data a more valuable asset. For example, you may have the contact details of potential clients but are missing vital job title information so don’t know who the decision-makers are to target. Data enrichment solves this by sourcing this type of information that can make the difference between a successful, well targeted campaign and one that backfires.   

The more enriched your data, the more personalised your messaging can become. Data enrichment provides a holistic view of your audience that impacts all stages of their journey in the sales funnel from top to bottom.  

Data Enrichment can be carried out in house by sales and marketing teams. However, this process is slow and inconsistent. Many businesses do not feel this is a valuable use of time as it takes focus away from revenue-generating activities and lowers sales efficiency.

Data enrichment is important as it allows organisations to better understand their audience and provide a more valued customer experience. This helps to tailor products and services to their audience’s needs through segmented marketing.

Enriched data also improves the efficiency of your marketing team as they can seamlessly select and filter B2B data which is categorised by seniority, job function or organisation type.

It is also vital in preventing data decay from old and redundant information by updating and appending the value and quality of your data and plays a major role in marketing’s long-term goal of delivering personalised experiences.

Data enrichment and data cleansing are both vital to keeping a healthy database. Data enrichment is the process of adding valuable data whereas data cleansing focuses on removing inaccurate data.

Data cleanse and data enrichment are often used together to ensure the highest quality data possible. Typically, a data cleanse takes place first to remove inaccurate information, this is then followed by data enrichment which adds valuable information to your clean database.

The goal of a data cleanse is to get your database as accurate as possible so that the outcomes of using it are as efficient as possible. The goal of data enrichment is to source and add the highest-quality data that is most suited to your organisation’s needs.

The 5 steps of Data Enrichment

“Simply, they are the best we have worked with. We would not look anywhere else for our data strategy needs. 

The Data Business tailor their high-level, methodical, performance-driven expertise to every campaign we have run with them.

Their support of our Podcast Show was fundamental to its success.”

Tom Clarkson, The Podcast Show

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