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Alchemy Contract Publishing Ltd own and run a portfolio of magazines, events, websites, bulletins and social media platforms across the hospitality industry.

Alchemy used The Data Business to help sort, classify and ultimately build their data across the hospitality sector with a particular emphasis on licensed clubs. The club sector ranges from social and political clubs through to sports clubs across a whole range of sports. Alchemy had a lot of data but working with The Data Business they were able to work through the individual sets of data, validate it and work through where the gaps were and then research the missing clubs so that they then had the full universe.

Segmenting the data into club types and setting up categories and a structure meant that Alchemy were then able to be much more targeted with their messaging to specific club sectors. During the pandemic this became invaluable in communicating with their clubs, and both the response on open rates of emails and hits on the website increased tremendously, demonstrating the power of tailored targeted marketing. This also allowed them to launch new products like the The Club Bulletin, The Sports Club Bulletin and The On Trade Bulletin. The Bulletins and social media dramatically improved the frequency and regularity that they could communicate with readers, clubs, and movers and shakers.

Similarly they also worked through their supplier data, and again the ability to carry out specific targeted marketing has paid off with increased responses. This has had a knock-on effect leading to opportunities to also develop new specific events for different sectors.

One of the main benefits Alchemy found working with The Data Business was their help and support in ‘the thinking’ of how to sort and build the two databases and how this then is easy to maintain going forwards.