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Target Universe Builder

We locate your target audience so that you can reach them with every campaign  

Recognising the size of your Target Universe is the vital first step in successfully promoting your business. 

Without acquiring the full, accurate picture of your Target Universe, your marketing data strategy will be ineffective. We offer the solution which locates and builds your complete Target Universe. 

Our Target Universe Builder shows you the true size of your unique target audience and where you are missing future clients so that you can plug the gaps and engage with these newly found prospects.  

Harnessing the power of search

Search engines provide the most comprehensive and accurate business directories. We’ve harnessed that power for your business. 

Our search tool uses thousands of business categories and pairs these with your chosen geographical area to pull a complete database of unique organisations to fit your target universe.

How it works

Client example

One of the largest accountancy events in the UK was looking to ensure they were not missing out on engaging with the full potential of their target universe.  

Within 24 hours, our Target Universe Builder was able to use multiple search engines to pull a universe of 17,776 qualified organisations and their company details.  

Our data researchers then constructed a marketing data build of senior decision-makers to grow our client’s outreach by over 120% and achieve a 36% growth in registrations three months before their event. 

Benefits of knowing your Target Universe 

  • Laser-focused marketing campaigns When you know your target universe like the back of your hand, you can craft marketing campaigns that hit their sweet spot, addressing their needs, desires, and pain points. 
  • Overtaking the competition Understanding your target universe helps you identify opportunities to set your business apart from your rivals. By addressing your audience’s specific needs, you can create a niche in the market that gives you an extensive competitive edge. 
  • Increasing ROI Knowing your target universe means you can allocate resources to the most impactful strategies and channels. This focused approach minimises wasted efforts and maximises your return on investment, ensuring your marketing budget works harder for you. 


We work to your exact requirements. For example, if you need a target universe of marketing agencies in London, our Target Universe Builder will search this area for you and return the results in seconds. The geographical area chosen can be as specific as a village or as general as a continent.  

There is no limit, we can search for one or as many categories as you need.  

The Target Universe Builder is priced by the number of contact records you require. 

Before we begin the universe building process, we take into account your exclusion list so that we only compliment it with new information. This means you only pay for freshly searched data that meets your requirements and nothing else.  

The Cleanse & Replenishment

“I’ve worked with many database-building businesses and the service provided by The Data Business far exceeded previous experience. I would happily work with them again for future data jobs and would highly recommend them. Thank you for making this process so easy.”

Zoe Wooster, Portfolio Marketing Manager, Montgomery Group

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