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Our AI Innovation

Solving data management with machine learning

ADAM (Advanced Data Analysis Machine) is here and ready to revolutionise the way CRM and repository databases are maintained. Utilising the power of AI and machine learning, ADAM enables automated categorisation and cleansing of your data, saving you time and money ensuring your data is fit for purpose.



ADAM holds the capability to automatically categorise both job functions and seniority from a contact’s job title. If given an organisation’s domain, ADAM will categorise the Sector and organisation type. This is completed at a fraction of the time it takes a manual researcher whilst maintaining a 95% accuracy rate.


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Through our search engine API, ADAM can auto fill key missing organisation fields including HQ address, social media links, and website domains, speeding up the process of gap filling and enriching existing datasets.



Processing an organisation’s operational status and a contact’s email validity can now be automatically achieved. By using Company’s House data, ADAM will determine whether an organisation is active, dissolved or under measures. Contact validity is found by connecting to our email validation software.




Through our expansive database of categorised UK organisations, ADAM can determine entire universes of organisation types. Want to know the size of your target market? It’s at the click of a button.