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Stand out from the competition and engage with your unique decision-makers with a bespoke data build

Bespoke Data Builds vs Bulk Data Lists

Data from bulk lists are pulled from a reused block that doesn’t accommodate for the unique composition of your specific target audience.

We deliver freshly researched contacts which never come from a list. With a bespoke data build, you’ll see an increase in marketing engagement as soon as you run your first campaign.

Only engaging with your target audience of decision makers results in closing valuable deals and building brand reputation.

Why choose us?

  • Remove the manual effort without sacrificing control or quality
  • Completely bespoke project approach for each requirement
  • Ground-breaking AI software that improves efficiency and accuracy
  • Flexibility by not having to commit to monthly or annual subscriptions
  • Experienced data management team
  • Personalised client service with dedicated account manager

The 4 steps of a Data Build


Our high-quality, researched data fully complies with the latest GDPR guidance, giving you the assurance that your data assets are fully protected and secure.

We only use open-source methods and provide compliant executive contact details to a higher standard than most bulk list providers.

All our data is sourced from publicly available domains such as corporate websites and company registries. We only source B2B data and not B2C data, so company email addresses and not personal ones. ✅ ❎

For complete assurance, whenever it is possible, we are happy to provide the exact source of the data associated with the data subject.

Before starting our data build, we ask you for an exclusion-list so that we don’t provide data you already have. We also sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) so that the data you provide us is completely secure.