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Entrusted by the legal sector to improve data quality, protect compliancy, and increase engagement

Lack of data expertise

Finding insights from marketing data requires specific analytical skills and tools. Law firms might lack the necessary expertise or resources to analyse the data effectively. This can lead to valuable information being underutilised.

Integrating data into new systems

Law firms can face difficulties in integrating data from different sources like their CRM, email marketing platform, and website. This can lead to data silos, duplicate records, and incomplete insights.

Maintaining GDPR compliancy

Law firms deal with sensitive client information, making data privacy and compliance with regulations like GDPR crucial. It can be a challenge to ensure marketing practices meet these regulations without compromising data quality.

Our Services

Data Build

Stand out from the competition and engage with your unique decision-makers with a bespoke data build.

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Data Enrichment

Deliver personalised campaigns and benefit from intelligence-led decision making by enriching your data.

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Data Cleanse

Increase engagement rates and protect valuable data assets with a clean database.

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Target Universe Builder

Locate your target audience and reach them with every marketing campaign.

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The Benefits

Increase engagement & ROI of your data

Seamlessly work with data

Protect GDPR compliance

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Working with The Data Business, I can relax knowing that a great mix of human and technological research has been used to help me reach the businesses I’m interested in talking to and I’m compliant with GDPR.

Jenny Barnes

Founder, Ivity