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Our Telemarketing services include list building and data cleansing, market research, surveys, event promotion, subscription renewing, campaign follow ups and tracking, tracing and re-establishing contact with lapsed or disengaged customers.

High-quality Lead Generation

Building and nurturing a pipeline of high-value leads and opportunities

Ensuring leads are qualified in line with your instruction with the maximum potential for conversion

Engaging decision-makers through a personal and professional approach to deliver positive responses and improved return on investment

Market Research

Information gathering including surveys and LinkedIn services, to help you better understand and engage with your target market and specific audiences

Event Promotion

Registering and reminding visitors and exhibitors of upcoming events and conferences.

Post-event feedback, follow-ups and pre-booking reminders for future events.

Subscription Renewals

Reminders to existing customers of upcoming renewal dates and re-engaging with those that have lapsed

Tracking & Tracing

Identifying contacts that have left an organisation and may still be a key audience target for marketing.

End to end Asset Reunification and Funds Release, with a focus on bringing together disparate data sources, pipeline analysis, stakeholder research and tracing, claim submissions and asset release.

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