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The Data Business (TDB) is embarking on a feasibility study into how machine learning can benefit and improve data universe management for organisations in the UK and globally.

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Our vision is to revolutionise data management for organisations of all sizes via the innovative use of machine learning technology in a user-friendly platform we are calling the MLP (Machine Learning Platform). By reducing the data management burden the MLP will allow organisations to improve their productivity and ultimately their commercial success.

Specifically, the focus of Datics is to look at reducing the current dependence upon manual intervention (often via 3rd party outsourcing), whilst simultaneously improving data efficiency and effectiveness. Our feasibility study will build the MLP and its learning algorithms and then measure success through user testing and a psuedo-live pilot.

When Datics is complete, the MLP will provide organisations with machine learning enabled data management tools for automatic:

  • Organisation categorisation
  • Email Validation
  • Data cleansing
  • Data augmentation and
  • New research

Over the past 6 years, we have delivered data universe management services to a growing number of clients. Their processes are necessarily manual, as data management requires significant visual review and intervention. To give examples of where the MLP can deliver a significant benefit to organisations in general; currently to classify 1000 organisations and their associated contacts requires a minimum of 50 manual research hours, our MLP model shows that this can be completed in under 3 hours; to manually search, capture and validate 1000 contacts takes TDB on average 180 hours, the MLP model shows this can be done in less than 10 hours.

We are confident that the MLP once proved successful will become a must have tool for organisations in the UK and globally.

Delivering the MLP will be a game-changer in data universe management, ensuring the UK is a leader in the field.