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ADAM (Advanced Data Analysis Machine) is here and ready to revolutionise the way CRM and repository databases are maintained. Utilising the power of AI and machine learning ADAM enables automated categorisation and cleansing of your data, saving you time and money ensuring your data is fit for purpose.

The concept of ADAM originated from an identified need to automate the time-consuming processes involved in appending, updating, and categorising B2B data. In the past, the appending and categorisation of fields such as seniority, job function and organisation type needed to be performed manually, adding costs and time constraints to processing your data. However, now ADAM is able to automatically categorise organisation & contact data with over 95% accuracy.

The development of ADAM is a major achievement for the cleansing and categorisation of organisation and contact databases and enables The Data Business to utilise the power of AI in data management, increasing the efficiency and overall capacity of our services.

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