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Let us help you Identify your data challenges, GDPR requirements, build or enhance strategy and successfully manage change projects through to delivery….


The Data Business consultants are dedicated to helping businesses succeed by working with their internal teams to breakdown data challenges, specify GDPR requirements (relevant to business models) and assisting with building or evolving data strategy and governance.
Our consultants have provided successful advisory services to many clients, more details about the services offered include the following:

Building a data strategy

A data strategy is a vision for how a company will collect, store, manage, share and use data. A company’s data strategy sets the foundation for everything it does related to data. We help our clients develop inspired data strategies that work for them.

Defining data governance

Effective data governance serves an important function within any business, setting the parameters for data management and usage, creating processes for resolving data issues and enabling business users to make decisions based on high-quality data and well-managed information assets.

But implementing a data governance framework isn't easy. Complicating factors often come into play, such as data ownership questions, data inconsistencies across different departments and the expanding collection and use of big data in companies. Our consultants have the experience to help you move through this journey.

Assessing GDPR needs

Our consultants can help you assess whether you have to comply with the GDPR in the first place and if you do, what needs to be done or improved to ensure GDPR compliance. We have defined the most important terms you need to know and answered some of the most common questions business owners and privacy professionals have.

Our consultants can leverage this knowledge and their expertise in this field to help you complete a data protection impact assessment (DPIA) covering, information security and direct marketing data in line with the privacy laws and assess your records management procedures and risks to people’s data that you hold.

Complex problem solving – data quality issues

Given the impact of poor data quality then, it’s a surprise that 54% of companies still experience data quality and completeness as a major challenge, according to Dun & Bradstreet. A well-maintained database can drive 66% higher conversion rates—a fact that should place ensuring data quality high on the list of every organization, no matter the size. If you’re struggling with data quality issues (e.g. bad data in multiple source systems), our consultants can help you identify the root cause of the problems and advise on the data management services that will fix them.

Project Management

Where change has been identified through your in-house staff or using our consultants, we can help implement the changes by offering project managers, fully trained in structured methods, and able to conduct projects from initiation through to completion.

We use your own methodology or our proprietary approach based on PRINCE 2 and Agile, the approach chosen to be agreed with you up front. In all cases good project management practice is always followed, specifically focused on the following:

  • Defining the project organisation or team structures
  • Agreeing and documenting all controls that define and govern a project
  • Breaking down the objectives into manageable tasks and schedules
  • Identifying and managing risks
  • Defining quality control and assurance for the project
  • Implementing change control at the appropriate time
  • Developing and managing a communications plan covering all stakeholders
  • Devising a reporting strategy that ensures everyone is kept informed and there are no surprises

All of the above are defined, agreed, implemented and revisited at each of the key project stages Define, Execute and Close.

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